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Gym training has become the main place for people to exercise. The general gym is divided into two areas according to the needs of people. One is an aerobic exercise area and the other is a strength exercise area. Strength-type fitness equipment is the first choice for bodybuilders and can be selected according to different needs. Here we briefly understand the exercise methods of strength fitness equipment.

Sitting side lift trainer


Training area: Middle deltoid muscle

The body sits on an instrument bench, raises the abdomen and presses the chest against the cushion. Hold the instrument arm with both hands and place the forearm under the arm of the instrument as far as the sides of the body are concerned. During the action, the force of the bundle of concentrated deltoid muscles lifts the instrument arm to the wrist, elbow, and shoulder in a uniform plane, pauses, and then slowly returns to the starting position.

Sitting down trainer


Training area: latissimus dorsi, biceps, great round muscle

The body is chest-tight and the waist and abdomen are sitting and boarding. Both hands hold the instrument levers to lift the two shoulders fully, and the pectoralis major muscles are fully stretched. Concentrate the contraction of the latissimus dorsi muscle and pull the rod down to the thoracic collarbone and above the nipple. Try to make the scapula on both sides of the back gather and touch each other, so that the latissimus dorsi muscle is in the peak contraction position, and then the lever is slowly returned to its original position.

Sitting mechanical push


Training area: pectoralis major, triceps, deltoid

Sit on the instrument and choose the right weight.

Push the instrument forward.

Slowly restore actions.

Sitting posture mechanical push, have the same effect as bench press, also can exercise triceps and shoulders. Of course, you can use a barbell and a dumbbell to do a bench press.

Ramp Rally Curved


Training area: Biceps

Hold the chest with both hands.

Bending lift device.

Slowly restore.

Compared to dumbbells and barbell swash plate bending, the tensioner can make the force even more uniform. Will not be too much burden on the elbow joint. So that you can adjust more weight.

Holding down



Training site: triceps

Hand flat shoulder.

The width of the hands is slightly narrower than the shoulders.

The upper body gently bends the knee to stabilize the back and keep the abdominal muscles taut.

Pull down with your arm and pay attention to safety. The exercise weight can only be controlled.

Slowly restore actions.

Kneeling Rally Abdomen


Training area: Rectus abdominis

Grasp the handle with both hands and fix the head with your arms.

Pull down through abdominal force.

It feels like a weight-based sit-up, slowly restores movement.

The squat chest puller can effectively exercise abdominal muscles.

Mechanical extension


Training site: Quadriceps

Hold the handle tightly to keep the upper body stable.

Fix your feet.

Stretch your legs and exhale.

Consciously control the thigh muscles.

Slowly restore.

Sitting posture


Training site: gastrocnemius, soleus muscle

Do it well.

Raise it for about 2 seconds. The effect will be better.

Slowly restore actions.

This information is provided by the Ganas fitness equipment supply,

our website :, welcome to contact us to learn more about gym equipment.

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